A Focus on Fractures

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Have you ever fractured a bone? If you ask a few people, they may have a different experience. One person may have known immediately. Another person may have assumed it was a common sprain. One of the most interesting facts is how fractured bones are categorized. Some are more severe or painful than others.

A fracture is a broken bone; the break can be complete or partial. The doctors at the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group know this is an injury you don’t want to ignore. Each type requires a trip to a medical professional.

Knowing the facts

Below is a quick recap on this common injury:

  • Categorized as open (bone pokes through the skin) or closed (bone is broken but hasn’t broken the skin)
  • Caused when more force is applied to a bone than it can handle
  • Related to falls, trauma, or direct hits to the bone

Spotting the signs

Symptoms may vary, but watch for these signs:

  • Swelling
  • Deformity of the limb
  • Sudden pain
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Warmth
  • Difficulty moving the joint

We don’t want you to guess whether something is wrong. If you detect these changes, contact us to schedule an appointment. We’re here to help.

Types of fractures

Do you know the types of fractures? There are many, and the variety can make it easy for someone to guess the wrong injury. We use the best tools to get the diagnosis correct the first time. If you visit with us, we may perform an X-ray, an MRI, or a CT scan.

  • Greenstick (a portion of the bone breaks)
  • Transverse (the break appears as a straight line across the bone)
  • Spiral (the break spirals around the bone)
  • Oblique (the break appears diagonally across the bone)
  • Compression (the bone is crushed)
  • Comminuted (bone has broken into three or more pieces)
  • Segmental (the bone fractures in two places)

Treatment Options

Once a doctor diagnoses a fracture, and its type, there are many options for treatment. The treatment depends on the severity of the injury.

  • Surgery to put a bone back into place
  • Medication to relieve the pain
  • Splint or cast to keep the broken bone in place

If you think you have a fracture in your foot or ankle, there’s only one person to call: a podiatrist.

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