Daylight Saving Time starts this month, but here’s a fact: We must protect our feet from the sun in every season. Unfortunately, many people take a break during winter and spring when applying sunscreen. If you’re out in the sun, there’s a need for sunscreen. Here are a few ways to make changes today and create a healthy routine for skincare.

Applying sunscreen is just another step in a good skincare routine. The doctors at the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group see too often that patients can forget to apply sunscreen to their feet and ankles. Unfortunately, these exposed areas can show signs of serious skin problems, from sunburns to skin cancer. Try these tips the next time you are out in the sun. It’s March, and sunscreen matters now, too.

Check the bottle 

Where is your sunscreen? Many people toss it after the summer or use it year after year without learning more about the shelf life. Storage is an important detail, too. When in doubt, pick up a new bottle of sunscreen from a trusted brand. There are resources available to help people learn more about sunscreen and SPF.

Choose a covering 

On a sunny spring day, there are ways to enjoy the sun without being in direct sunlight. Find a shaded area or set up a blanket under a tree. If you don’t need your toes to be out, wear socks and shoes. If you choose to wear sandals, apply sunscreen – and don’t forget the sides and tops of your feet (including toes).

Call us with concerns

Have you noticed any changes to your skin? New moles or color changes? Let us know if an older mole is changing shape. Early detection is a big advantage for patients and medical professionals. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns. We’re here to listen.

We hope you’ll use this blog as an encouragement to care for and protect your skin. We know how easy it can be to relax your sunscreen rules during the cooler seasons. Please locate your sunscreen or pick up a bottle today, cover your skin while out, and call us with any concerns.

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