Feeling Confident About Fall Shoes?


It’s shoe-check time. New season, new shoes? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Now is the time to visit your closet and find your favorite pairs of shoes. Can you move forward with your shoe selection, or is there more to think about this season? We’re here to help you fix any fall fashion footwear issues that could bring foot pain.

While the doctors at New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group quite often treat patients dealing with foot pain, we know the big source of the problem is often poor shoe selection. Bring out your paper and pen and keep these notes handy during your next shoe shopping trip.

Here are three ways to feel confident about fall shoes:

Fix your feet

If you are neglecting to address last season’s foot pain, it will certainly follow you into this fall season. If you have foot pain, you will just feel it in another pair of shoes. Instead of trying to move past the discomfort, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to make things right. A podiatrist can help you find the cause of your foot pain and help you make corrections.

Stick to your size

Are you sure about your shoe size? Wearing shoes too big or too small will make your feet hurt. Shoes that are too narrow can squeeze your toes and create too much friction. If they are too big, slipping and sliding can become problems, too. The results can be blisters and even more discomfort. Ask your sales representative for the Brannock Device and get measured by a professional.

Remember the rule: support wins

While shoe shopping, a fabulous fashion find may capture your attention. We want you to remember the rules, though. Support will always win when caring for your feet. Consider how much comfort your shoe selection provides. Skipping these best practices for shopping can lead to an unplanned podiatrist visit this season.

This fall, we’re here for you and your family. We make it easy to find a podiatrist in your neighborhood, and we want to support you in your next shoe selection. Reach out this season!

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