Flat Feet and Finding Comfort

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The doctors at New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group work with patients who live pain-free with their fallen arches. If pain creeps in, our doctors may recommend custom orthotics and physical therapy stretches and exercises. Of course, rest is always best.

Follow along for three ways to find comfort:

Ask for arch support

While most of us will develop our arches by age 6, about 20% of children will grow into adults without arches. If you are one of those who are now in pain, it’s time to talk to your podiatrist. Remember, every solution is not surgical. Like the options above, there are many ways to help you find support.

Adjust your day and rest

If you have flat feet, you don’t have an arch when standing and placing weight on your feet. It can become very painful, especially if you are on your feet a lot. Consider what you can do to provide your feet with more rest throughout the day. On your days off, rest. You may need to apply ice, too. Pain is your push to call the podiatrist.

Agree to physical therapy

A great stretch can do wonders for your muscles and tendons. Have you considered reaching out to a physical therapist? We can help you get the conversation started. Physical therapy can help you safely stretch and strengthen your body. Physical therapists help you prevent injuries, too. This field is also helpful for improving balance.

If you are feeling frustrated about your flat foot pain, we’re here to help. Find one of our doctors in your neighborhood. We look forward to helping you find more comfort and taking steps without pain as you support your feet.

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