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podiatry appointment

Is it too early to start thinking about your next podiatrist appointment? Of course not. If you have bunions or even diabetes, regularly scheduled visits are a must-have for maintenance. As with any medical appointment, it always helps to come with questions and concerns.

Before heading to your next appointment with the doctors at the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group, may we suggest a few areas that help to guide our time during appointments? When our patients leave after a visit, we want them to feel empowered to continue prevention and care at home. We also want them to feel seen and heard by our group.

Here are three areas to consider before you visit with us:

  1.   Prevention

During our visit with patients, we’re taking a close look to assess current foot and ankle problems. Now is also the time for us to share advice on how to watch out for other foot conditions that may become a concern. For example, we may encourage patients to quit smoking. We know that this habit affects circulation. Patients with diabetes and poor circulation can experience foot ulcers.

  1.   Treatment

While we share our treatment options with our patients, we’re ready to answer questions, too. Now is the time to ask us why we suggest one treatment over another. You can also ask about alternatives or even pros and cons. We value your concerns, and we are open to having a conversation.

  1.   Concerns

Has new pain caused you to change your lifestyle? Do you have a family history of diabetes or heart disease? From recent updates to family history concerns, we encourage patients to use our visit to bring these details to our attention. Hearing these concerns helps us circle back to an important area: prevention. Additional background and knowledge prepare us to treat patients best.

Your voice matters

At times, patients can feel that only the doctors should speak during a visit. This is not the case at all. We want to help you advocate for your health and wellness. We hope that you trust our years of experience. We also look forward to partnering with you during each visit. We value your journey, and we’re here to support you and your family.

At the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group, there are almost 30 foot and ankle surgeons, podiatrists, and doctors. With more than 30 locations, from Newark, NJ, to Cape May, NJ, we value convenience and excellent service for our patients. We offer compassionate, cutting-edge care across our network, and we specialize in treating the following conditions: ankle and sports injuries, heel pain and plantar fasciitisbunionshammertoescorns and callusesingrown toenailsdiabetic foot care complicationschildren’s foot problemsskin conditions of the feet, and fungal nails. Our group is among the best foot and ankle providers in the country. To schedule an appointment, first find a podiatrist in your area.