Keep Your Feet Pain-Free During the Holiday Season

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You might be surprised to learn how frequently people suffer from agonizing foot pain. Plantar fasciitis, which is a condition that causes heel pain, is highly prevalent among adults. Foot pain among senior citizens may raise the risk of stumbles and falls.

With the holidays already underway, good foot health is essential. Regardless of your means of transportation, the holiday season can be taxing on your feet, especially for those who are traveling to faraway places.

Foot Pain: Causes

Foot pain can result from trauma, overuse, or diseases that cause inflammation in any of the joints, ligaments, or tissues in the foot. Foot pain is frequently brought on by arthritis. Intense burning pain, numbness, or tingling may arise from damage to the nerves in the foot, often associated with diabetes.

Here are some common causes of foot pain:

Foot Pain: Prevention

Treat yourself: Purchase a new pair of shoes for yourself. It’s time to replace the old ones – That applies to both your old boots and the sneakers you wear for exercise. Also, consider wearing comfortable shoes while you’re out shopping for others.

Balanced diet: Do not go overboard with food intake during the holiday season. The festive time is the perfect time to test your self-control. Keep your general and foot health in mind. Although a balanced diet is beneficial for the entire body, your feet will greatly benefit from it.

Wear appropriate footwear: Put on well-fitted shoes. Don’t forget to dress appropriately for the weather as well. You need to keep yourself comfortable and dry at all times.

Don’t wear high heels all the time: Holiday dinners can be long, not to forget the preparation time involved. Avoid wearing high heels for extended durations as they put your feet under tremendous stress.

Stay in shape:  Continue your normal workout regimen to prevent the excess holiday weight that causes foot pain.

Stay alert: Watch out for wet and slippery puddles. Keep your feet protected. You need to be careful as you move around. Moreover, try to keep your feet warm during the winter. Wear steady and comfortable shoes to avoid slipping or falling on icy or wet surfaces.

Don’t overeat: Take it easy at the Christmas buffet. In fact, avoid fatty foods and sugary beverages as they have an adverse impact on your general and foot health.

If you experience foot pain or discomfort that lasts more than a day or two, make an appointment with your podiatrist.

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