If you are training for a marathon, you are in great company. There is a club filled with runners who love to go the distance. Training is tough, but it is worth it to pass the finish line. During training, there are key tips that we recommend to help you pace yourself and successfully complete training without an injury. After all your hard work, we would be so sad to see an injury pause your pursuit.

The doctors at the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group treat common foot and ankle conditions. Ankle sprains are common. Blisters and corns cause pain, too. Unfortunately, falling the wrong way can even cause a fracture. Most importantly, we talk about Achilles tendonitis. The repetition of training can lead to overuse injuries.

Follow these three recommendations to reduce your risk:

Feeling pain? Pause the training.

Please do not believe that your training will make your foot and ankle pain go away. Unfortunately, it can make things worse. If you experience any pain while running, please stop – and make an appointment with a podiatrist. We may have a simple solution, such as changing your shoes. We may also recommend other treatments, such as custom orthotics or ankle braces.

Ignoring your toenails? You’re in for trouble.

If you are letting your toenails grow without regular trimming, toenail troubles may lie ahead. Trim your toenails regularly and be sure to trim straight across. Also, avoid pulling or tearing off your nails. Runners can experience ingrown toenails. Intense training can also cause other trauma to the toenail.

Sidelining stretching? Think again.

Stretching before and after a run is a win. Please don’t skip this step. Warming up your body helps to reduce injuries. Do your best to care for and protect your tendons and muscles. If you feel rushed for training, it’s never OK to skip this step. Add stretching to the schedule to stay on track.

We’re here for you if or when you decide to run a marathon. What an exciting goal to check off your list! Make sure to keep your feet and ankles healthy and happy by following our tips.

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