It’s almost pool time! For many of us, spending time at the pool was the highlight of our day. We can remember the fun, friends, and maybe even a flip! We still have a bit more time to prepare for the official start of the pool season. However, we are thrilled to share items we hope you will include in your pool bag. We are packing from the perspective of a podiatrist. We are always thinking about the safety and health of your feet and ankles.

The doctors at the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group sadly see the downside of a not-so-great pool day, but we’re hoping our list helps this summer. Are you ready to take notes or add a few items to your online shopping cart? Let’s get started.

Pack the proper shoes

We talk about shoes a lot around here. Your shoe choice at the pool requires our same attention. Remember that areas around the pool can be slippery. Wearing a flimsy pair of flip-flops puts you at risk of a slip, a trip, or a fall. More commonly, a twist can become an ankle sprain. Choose pool shoes that have traction.

Pack the right coverage

Shoes do a great job of covering your feet while outside the pool. What if you have a cut? Well, cover your scratch, too. If you have a large one, it is best to put your pool day on pause until your wound heals. Keep cuts cleaned and covered.

Pack the best sun protection

If you are skipping sunscreen application on a pool day, please change your habits. You are putting your skin at risk of sun damage that may lead to skin cancer. Shop for high-quality sunscreen. If you have sunscreen at home, check the expiration date first. Look for a sunblock that works best for being in and out of the water. Pay attention to this detail while shopping.

We are thrilled about your next pool day. We also want you to pack some high-protein snacks and plenty of water. Enjoy your time and follow our packing tips. Focus on the proper shoes, the right coverage, and the best sun protection.

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