We’re wrapping up the year, but don’t forget that accidents can still happen during this holly, jolly season. From stepping on broken ornaments to bumping into a corner, ’tis the season for accidents. There are ways to prevent them, though. Don’t worry – we’ve got some suggestions.

If you ask the doctors at the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group, one of the best ways to think about prevention is to start at home. Look around your house and consider some things that could cause danger. While holiday decorations are temporary, bumps and bruises can last longer. One of the big mistakes to make during this season is to dismiss accidents. Please, don’t wait until 2022 to address an injury.

Cuts and scrapes

Did you step on a piece of broken glass? Did your foot scrape the corner of the gift box? Ouch – and more ouches. First, clean the cut. Then, cover it. If you have diabetes, contact your podiatrist. A wound without treatment can become infected. Peripheral neuropathy is a common condition that affects patients with diabetes. It’s also a form of nerve damage that hinders the ability to feel pain, or other sensations, like hot or cold.

  • Prevention Tip: Keep your feet covered with socks or shoes. Don’t walk around the house barefoot.

Twists and falls

Ouch! A twisted ankle during the holiday break can bring a big headache. Who wants to add a doctor’s visit to a calendar that is finally free? As much as you’d like to nurse your ankle sprain at home, we recommend you come in for an appointment. Your sprain could be something else. Untreated ankle sprains lead to future complications, including weak ankles and even arthritis.

  • Prevention Tip: Clear the clutter and improve your lighting to help with falls.

Now is the time of year to fill with cheer and celebration. Don’t cut the fun short with an accident. If you do run into trouble, we’re ready to help you and your family. We wish you a healthy, happy new year! It has been a joy to serve you this year.

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