We’re in the fourth quarter of the year! Now is not the time to hit the brakes on your foot care. Let’s finish the year with strong, healthy feet. The doctors at the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group make it easy to find a podiatrist near you. If you have questions or concerns about a foot condition, why wait? We’re here to help. Here are three areas of foot care to strengthen before the end of the year:

Washing and drying feet regularly

Keep up the great work of washing, drying, and moisturizing your feet. Protecting your feet starts at home. As temperatures begin to fall, keeping your skin moisturized is very helpful, too. For patients with diabetes, dry, cracked skin can be a cause for concern.

Address foot pain promptly

We encourage you to get an answer for your foot pain now. Go ahead – schedule an appointment with us. Instead of waiting until 2022, partner with us to find relief for your foot or ankle pain. Untreated foot pain can cause additional problems in the future. For example, many people ignore ankle sprains. Future complications include arthritis or even weak ankles.

Visit a podiatrist regularly

If you have diabetes, a podiatrist should be on your care team. We would love to support you on this journey. If your children play sports, don’t forget about their foot health, too. As they develop, listen to concerns or complaints of foot pain. From orthotics to shoe shopping advice, podiatrists are the go-to experts.

At the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group, there are almost 30 foot and ankle surgeons, podiatrists, and doctors. With more than 30 locations, from Newark, NJ, to Cape May, NJ, we value convenience and excellent service for our patients. We offer compassionate, cutting-edge care across our network, and we specialize in treating the following conditions: ankle and sports injuries, heel pain and plantar fasciitis, bunionshammertoescorns and callusesingrown toenailsdiabetic foot care complicationschildren’s foot problems, skin conditions of the feet, and fungal nails. Our group is among the best foot and ankle providers in the country. To schedule an appointment, first find a podiatrist in your area.