Shoes for Diabetics


Diabetes increases your risk of developing foot issues, since it can harm your nerves and reduce the blood supply to your feet. Controlling your blood sugar is essential for your feet. Small wounds and sores heal more slowly and may require more attention and care in diabetic patients.

You may also experience weak or slight foot sensation if your blood sugar is not well-controlled. It is possible that you may be unaware of an injury due to a lack of sensation in your feet. Diabetes can also cause your feet’s skin to dry out and your heels to break.

There are specialized shoes for almost everything! The fact that many people might not know this is alarming. Baseball players don’t wear tennis shoes, basketball players don’t wear running shoes, and weightlifters don’t wear shoes designed for joggers. For specific activities, there exist specific shoes. Shoes for diabetics are no different. Diabetes-specific footwear is made to shield the feet from stresses that might weaken the skin and lead to ulcers and sores.

Diabetic footwear

A good diabetic shoe offers comfort, but its primary function is to protect. Diabetes-related footwear avoids the development of foot calluses and stress. The interior is comprised of soft, seam-free fabrics with no stitching. When considering abnormalities like bunions or hammertoes, diabetic shoes have a roomy toe-box to allow additional space for the toes. Additionally, they feature additional depth for orthotic inserts, which offers even more support and weight distribution away from pain spots.

A doctor may decide in specific circumstances that you can obtain diabetic socks or insoles for added support and to ensure normal blood flow. Before purchasing any diabetic footwear, always speak with your podiatrist to determine the best footwear for your feet.

A podiatrist can assist you in choosing the pair of shoes that best suits your needs from a large array of options available for diabetic people. Patients with diabetes shouldn’t undervalue the importance of appropriate footwear or diabetic shoes, as they greatly lower amputation risks.

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