Step Up to Smelly Feet

Smelly Feet

Fall is here, and there is no better time to step up to smelly feet. Don’t let your guard down as cooler temperatures become the norm. Our feet sweat year-round, so there is always a risk of developing smelly feet. The chances increase if we’re not taking simple precautions to protect our feet.

The doctors at New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group work with patients who are facing the not-so-fun part of dealing with foot odor. They may be uncomfortable with visiting places that have no-shoes policies, such as a friend’s house. They may be embarrassed to get a pedicure, too. If you have smelly feet, there are solutions. Today, we’re focusing on prevention.

Start with the right size

Why does shoe size matter? Comfort is a big part, but the wrong size shoes can be the cause of smelly feet. If your shoe is too small or tight, you now have a crowded space for your feet. We recommend that you size up and search for shoes with a roomy toe box. If you are unsure about your size, talk with a sales representative about the Brannock Device. This is the most accurate way to know your shoe size.

Start at home

If you want to keep your feet from smelling stinky, it starts at home. Wash, dry, and moisturize your feet regularly. This routine includes washing between your toes and trimming your nails. To prevent spreading bacteria or fungi, avoid sharing hygiene tools with family and friends. If you have clean feet and maintain a good routine, it will be much easier to spot foot odor changes. Helping your feet starts at home, but we are always here to provide guidance.

Start with dry socks and shoes

Even in the fall, our socks and shoes can become sweaty. Make sure you have a backup pair of shoes to allow other pairs to fully dry. For socks, make sure you wear a clean, dry pair. We can often forget about sock hygiene, but it matters, too! If you notice that your white socks no longer look so bright or have holes, let them go.

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