Bunions are more common than you think and the doctors at the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group can help. They provide solutions for patients as they identify and treat bunions with non-invasive solutions. Surgery only becomes an option when all other conservative treatments have failed. Follow along for what makes this toe deformity a bother for many patients. Keep in mind that we inherit our foot structure. See if other family members have a similar experience.

Request an intervention

What is the concern with a progressive toe deformity? Without intervention, the deformity will continue to progress. A bunion often stands out because it is a noticeable bump along the big toe joint. Over time, it can become very painful. The discomfort can impact mobility, too. We recommend connecting with a podiatrist as soon as possible.

Explore non-surgical options

From custom orthotics to pads, a podiatrist may present many options before surgery. Poorly fitting shoes are often a problem, so we recommend adding cushioning and a wider toe box. If you think surgery is your only option, think again. Our doctors are here to walk you through treatment options.

Treat your pain

We’re foot and ankle specialists, and we’re here to help patients find relief. Take note of this reminder: pain is not normal. Schedule an appointment with us if your bunion is causing pain. There are ways to provide comfort to make moving around easier. Contact us today.

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