There are things to be afraid of this spooky season, from scary movies to creepy-crawlers. The doctors at the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group feel a little uneasy about something, too: infections. A foot infection demands immediate treatment and attention. With delays, the consequences could be significant.

Which conditions are at-risk of infection?

In general, if the skin breaks, there is a risk of infection. This can happen with cracked, dry heels. An ingrown toenail can break the skin. Diabetic foot ulcers are also at risk of becoming infected. Any non-healing wounds should signal that it’s time to schedule an appointment with your podiatrist.

Why are infections dangerous?

Infections are dangerous because they are a red flag that your body is fighting something that doesn’t belong. With infections, medication is a required intervention. In many situations, time is of the essence. An infection can spread to other parts of the body and lead to more complications.

What are the signs of an infection?

Daily foot inspections are one of the best methods for detecting infection early. When looking at your feet and ankles, look for the following symptoms: redness, swelling, discharge, and increased pain. The area near the infection can also feel warm to the touch. Any of these signs is a cause for concern. Don’t try to handle things on your own. Call the podiatrist.

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