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Yes! We made it to more hours of daylight. We all have one more excuse to get outside – once the temperatures warm up a bit, of course. If there’s one activity that we can start, it’s taking a walk. From maintaining a healthy weight to strengthening bones and muscles, brisk walking has plenty of pros. Do you think you’re getting enough steps each day?

We hope that you’ll spring forward and enjoy an extra boost of energy. As spring-like temperatures arrive, there is no better time than to take a walk during a lunch break or as the first part of your day. The doctors at the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group know that foot problems can be one of the reasons that people put their walking plans to the side. Here are three things you can do now to prepare your feet and ankles for a walk:

Start with a shoe check 

Wearing the wrong shoes will be your first wrong move. If you have questions about which shoes to pick, we’re here to give answers. With the wrong style, you may be at risk of an injury. We can let you know if orthotics can be most helpful for your walk. We may also recommend ankle support if you have a history of sprained ankles.

Take notes during a foot check 

Are you still doing daily foot checks? If so, share any changes or concerns with your podiatrists. If corns and calluses are still a problem, we recommend fixing your friction problem first. Ingrown toenails are also going to cause you discomfort without treatment.

Create a stretching routine 

Before any form of exercise, stretching is best. We encourage patients to prepare their bodies and help reduce the risk of an injury. About 15 minutes of stretching before and after can protect your body from future problems. Don’t underestimate walking. Consider it another form of exercise that demands the same amount of care and attention.

With any form of exercise, consistency is most important. Start slowly and invite a friend to hold you accountable. Regular brisk walking is a great way to experience health benefits. We’re here to get you started and keep you walking.

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