There’s no better time than the middle of the summer season to remind everyone that protecting our bodies from the sun’s harmful UV rays is important, and also applies year-round. When considering sun protection, we frequently  neglect the wellness of our feet. UV damage can affect the feet just as much as any area of the skin, causing sunburn, premature aging, and an elevated risk of skin cancer.

The sun emits two distinct types of ultraviolet (UV) radiation: UVA and UVB. Ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation possesses shorter wavelengths, which can potentially harm the epidermal layer of the skin. Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays have longer wavelengths, enabling their penetration into the dermis, the middle layer of the skin. Both types of rays have the potential to cause unwanted effects.

Damage Caused by UV Radiation

Skin cancer, which represents a substantial medical risk, is a primary concern when we discuss damage to the skin from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. UV rays present a number of physical risks, including but not limited to:

  • Immune system problems
  • Vision impairments
  • Premature skin aging

Keep Your Feet Protected

To safeguard your feet from the damaging effects of UV rays, consider these suggested measures so you and your family’s summer days on the beach are enjoyable and safe.

  • Protect your feet and ankles by applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • Wear socks and closed shoes outdoors, particularly during midday hours.
  • If you plan on spending a significant amount of time outdoors, find shaded areas to take breaks and beat the heat.
  • Regularly inspect your feet. If you observe any changes promptly consult with a medical professional.
  • Select shoes that provide coverage for both your feet and ankles.
  • Search for shoes that have a compact weave to protect against UV rays.
  • If you plan to spend a long time in the water, or your feet are perspiring, reapply sunscreen on your feet frequently.
  • Ensure that you safeguard any exposed foot injuries from the sun.

It is crucial to have UV protection for your feet throughout the year, not just in the summer months. UV rays can pass are present, even on days when it is cloudy or overcast. You can safeguard the health of your feet and minimize the chances of sun-related issues, including skin cancer, by applying these suggestions in order to shield them from UV rays, year-round

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