Hiking and long-distance walking are enjoyable and healthy outdoor activities. There are numerous benefits including getting lots of fresh air. From boosting endorphin levels to improving physical fitness and endurance, hiking and walking are excellent for both body and mind.

Your preparation likely includes an itinerary and a packing list. We encourage you to prioritize the importance of your feet and their comfort and safety during your trek. 


When purchasing new boots for an upcoming trip, allow adequate time to find the best fit and most suited for the terrain you will cover. Also, allow sufficient time for breaking in the boots before hiking.


Weather conditions may have an impact on your sock selection. It is important to reduce both friction and moisture to prevent blisters. Look for fabrics that effectively divert moisture from the skin, contributing to your enhanced comfort and foot hygiene. 

Tape and Bandages

Various types of blister tapes or protective bandages are readily available. If there’s a particular area of your foot that consistently rubs against the inside of your footwear, you will want to protect it from further irritation or having it develop into an injury. Ideally, your socks and footwear fit properly so they do not create any new sore spots or blisters.

Keep Toenails Short, But Not Too Short

Maintaining a healthy length of toenails is a fundamental component of footwear comfort and health. As advised by professionals, the recommended practice is to cut the nail straight across and never too short. Adhering to this approach prevents the nail corners from penetrating the surrounding soft tissues, thus minimizing the likelihood of developing ingrown toenails.

Keep Feet Moisturized

Apply cream or lotion that absorbs well so feet are not slippery or greasy. Moisturizing feet on a regular basis helps to prevent calluses and cracked heels. If you apply before bed, the product has time to work while you sleep. 

Rest and Let Your Feet Breathe 

Removing footwear and socks during rest periods, such as lunch or trail breaks is recommended. Open air can help eliminate any accumulated dampness. Include extra clean socks in your bag, and you can put on a fresh set as needed, especially if your feet tend to sweat.

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